KLAS bread is produced from only the best materials and superior technology. Daily bread are produced from white, whole wheat, corn, rye and potato flour, along with packaged special kinds of bread and toast. A rich assortment of sweet and traditional pies, various kind of pastries, pretzels, bagels, rolls, filo pastries, all made from different types of flour. With the addition of sesame, flax, sunflower and seeds beautifully made in various shapes and flavors, makes your every new day just the way customer want. Large selection of packaged Danish and filo pastries, as well as sweet and salt frozen goods ready for baking – get you tasty and quality meal in 5 minutes. Magically delicious sweets ranging from donuts, muffins, fine Danish pastries with fruit and cream filling, sweet pies to a large selection of cakes and cookies, also will please each our consumer.